Office Information

Phone Number:

Office Address:
7000 E Mayo Blvd, Suite 1059
Phoenix, AZ 85054

Office Hours:
Monday – Thursday 10:00am to 6:0pm
Friday  – Closed




Jason Carney – Executive Director

Leigh Ann Dolan – Development Director

Monte Yazzie – Intl Horror and Sci-Fi Film Festival Director

Aubrie Artiano – Operations Director



Brenda Berliner – Auction Director



Aaron Kes – IFP-Phoenix Program Director

Joe Gruberman – Seminar Director

Bob Marquis – Student Education Director



Leigh Ann Dolan – Event Director

Leslie Criger – Entertainment Director

Joe Palomino – Event Manager

Carol Gibson – Kids’ Day Director

Sara Spencer – VIP


Filmmaker Relations

Katie McLarty- Feature Filmmaker Relations Director

Randy Robinson – Short Filmmaker Relations Director

Samantha Kade – Short Filmmaker Relations Manager


Guest Relations

Dana Lane – Guest Relations Director

Chris Cox – Guest Relations Coordinator

Kelli Meola – Guest Relations Coordinator

Ernie Gutierrez – Guest Relations Coordinator

Pamela Wilson – Merchandise Coordinator

Sue Wilson – Merchandise Coordinator



Lauren Streiff – Marketing Director

Marty Freetage – Festival Art Director

Lisa Marie Lara – Festival Designer

Rich Fowler – Marketing Outreach Manager

Linda Nguyen – Festival Promotions Manager

Andrea Small – Festival Promotions Manager

Laurie Smith – Online Content Editor

Lauren Pitts – PFF Social Media Manager

Heather Copeland – IHSFF Social Media Manager

Lauren Click – Social Media Coordinator

Naomi Shinbaum – Social Media Coordinator



Greg Hall – Feature Film Program Director

Slobodan Popovic – World Cinema Features Program Director

Deb Hildebrandt – Short Film Program Director

Michelle Saldana – World Cinema Shorts Program Director

Michael Stackpole – IHSFF Sci-Fi Program Director

Brandon Kinchen – IHSFF Horror Program Director

Danny Marainino – IHSFF Horror Program Director

Dan Gluck – Arizona Film Programmer

Stanley Bain – Short Film Programmer



Greg Wolf – Technical Director

Dan Gluck – AV Production Director


Theatre Operations

Jill Adelman – Theatre Operations Director

Jillian Mason – Theatre Operations Coordinator

Cassandra Nicholson – Theatre Operations Coordinator

Ray Schillaci – Film Presentation Coordinator



Aubrie Artiano – Volunteer Director

Kim Rodhouse – Volunteer Coordinator

Monica Montoya  – Volunteer Coordinator


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