Here They Are -- the Official 2018 Phoenix Film Festival Posters!

As if you weren't already excited about the Phoenix Film Festival's 11 day expansion, we've got just the thing to send you over the edge! 

Hot off the presses, here are the 2018 Phoenix Film Festival's official posters:

Snakes. Why’d it have to be snakes?


Move over Indiana Jones, Camera Head's got it from here. 

Our homage to Raiders of the Lost Ark was designed by Alex Patrick Merrill.

It was so good I almost peed my pants!


I think we both know that's not Camera Head's niece.

It's actress and model Michelle Palermo in our Pretty Woman poster designed by Brittney Rislund and photographed by Nader Abushhab

The Hills Are Alive

...with our The Sound of Music poster! Designed by Lisa Maria Lara with photography by Nader Abushhab.

This poster is definitely one of our favorite things!

Our heads are spinning!


We're not going to leave you in suspense here.

Designed by Amy Bornstein, our final poster is inspired by the Master himself -- Alfred Hitchcock and his film Vertigo.

BUT WAIT! There is one more.

Marty Freetage has designed a poster for the International Horror and SciFi Film Festival that shows Camera Head as you'd hoped to never see him!