It's almost time to submit to the 2015 PFF!


Even though memories of the Party Pavilion and sold-out crowds are still fresh in our minds, we can't help but get excited about the 2015 Phoenix Film Festival.


Notice anything about the year? That's right! 2015 marks the 15th Annual Phoenix Film Festival happening from March 26 - April 2, 2015 and we want YOU to be there as a filmmaker.


Ok, we are not open for submissions YET, but submissions will open in August. So get those finishing touches on your film. Color correct away! Balance that audio! CUT! Because with only 150 films throughout the week, we want to see the best you have to offer.


Check back in August for the official call for submissions and we hope to see you in 2015!

We are NOW taking submissions for the Arizona Student Film Festival!

AZSFFlogoStarted in 2007, the Arizona Student Film Festival takes place annually at the end of the spring semester. Arizona student filmmakers from grades 3 through college are invited to submit films and create Public Service Announcements for various causes in Arizona. We are very proud of our student filmmakers and as part of the Phoenix Film Foundation, we are committed to educating the next generation of Arizona Filmmakers. And who knows! It could be your first step to the Oscar!

The AZSFF is now taking submissions from Arizona students Grades 3 – College for the 2014 Arizona Student Film Festival! Submission fee is only $10 per entry! It’s an unprecedented opportunity for Arizona students’ creativity to be projected on the “big screen” and viewed by the public.



All submissions are due Thursday, May 15, 2014

Good luck! And we’ll see you at the festival!

2015 Phoenix Film Festival Call for Entries!


We will notify all filmmakers in February 2015.

The Phoenix Film Festival, fresh off its best year yet, is planning for another big year and we want you to be a part of this great filmmaker event.

The PFF has been named one of The 25 Coolest Film Festivals and a Top 50 Worth the Entry Fee by MovieMaker Magazine and has been called the most filmmaker-friendly festival out there.



The Phoenix Film Festival annually screens over 150 films, holds amazing parties and provided filmmaking seminars to capacity audiences. Over 23,000 attendees enjoy the 8 day festival.  The Festival takes place all in one convenient location and is held on 7 screens at the state of the art Harkins Scottsdale 101. All parties and workshops are held in the Party Pavilion just outside the theatre. Which means everything you need is right on site.


But don't just take our word for it. Check out what some of our past filmmakers had to say about the Phoenix Film Festival:

"Of all the film festivals I've been to Phoenix was by far the most relaxed and fun, with great enthusiastic audiences and interesting engaging films.  I love the Phoenix Film Festival and can't wait to go back." - Matt Rabinowitz, Director of "The Frontier"



"The people of the Phoenix Film Festival seem to instinctively know what filmmakers need: Encouragement, fun and so often overlooked in the film world- kinship. I don't know how, but PFF understands. All the filmmakers felt pampered, not just by the amazing screening facility or the cool parties but by the warmth and real friendship extended. Never have I been to a film festival where camaraderie, instead of competition between filmmakers was fostered, where fun and imagination was extended from the film making process and into the film screening experience. PFF wasn't just a place to screen to the filmmakers there, but the time of their lives." - Eddie Jemison, Director of "King of Herrings


"From the minute you land, they scoop you up and make you a part of their family. They've carefully created an itinerary designed to bring you closer with your filmmaker brethren, and these are friendships I will have a lifetime. The film selection is varied and strong, the venue is top notch, but most importantly, the people working the festival are warm, helpful, and just plain fun, from those running the show to the volunteers helping seat 


people. I very much look forward to returning with all my future films, and will be singing this festival's praises to whomever will listen." - Mark Stolaroff, Producer of "The House that Jack Built"

"Can I coin a phrase to talk about the Phoenix Film Festival? Let's call it the "ultimate fest experience" or maybe "fest quest achieved!" Ok, so maybe I can't coin a phrase that's catchy. But regardless, all indie filmmakers go to festivals with goals in mind whether it's audience feedback or networking. The Phoenix Film Festival exceeded all my expectations and raised the bar for what a festival experience should be. The audiences the PFF attracted were the biggest and best I have seen anywhere. Not to mention they were excited, engaged and intelligent film-goers - the exact people you want at your screenings! I enjoyed a sold-out show for my film 45RPM and received thoughtful feedback and encouragement from viewers and filmmakers alike." - Juli Jackson, Director of "45 RPM"


"I don’t need to tell you that filmmakers often exist in a vacuum as they toil to make their films come to life. The fact that I was invited to screen my film, not once but 3 times, was really great. The Phoenix Film Festival is pure heaven for any filmmaker. I highly recommend it." - Whitney Ransick, Director of "Misfire:The Rise and Fall of the Shooting Gallery"



Thank you to all of the hard-working filmmakers who entered! Good luck and we hope to see you at the 2015 Phoenix Film Festival!

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2015 Phoenix Film Festival Award Winners

On Sunday night, the Copper Wing Award Winners were announced at the Sunday Night Award Party in the Party Pavilion. It was a big night for so many of our filmmakers and we look forward to having encore screenings of many of the winners this week. Below are the winners....

 Click here to see the schedule for the festival


Feature Film Awards


Best Arizona Feature: Unsound

Best Acting Ensemble: Wildlike

Best Screenplay:Frank Hall Green, Wildlike

Best Director: Khalil Sullins, Listening

Best Documentary: Angel of Nanjing

Best Picture:Wildlike

Cox Audience Award: Far from Home


World Cinema Awards


Best World Cinema Short: In the Clouds

Best World Cinema Documentary: Dennis Rodman’s Big Bang in Pyong Yang

Best World Cinema Director: Zdenek Jirasky, In Silence

Best World Cinema Picture: In Silence

World Cinema Audience Award Winner: Glories of Tango


International Horror and Sci-Fi Film Fest Awards

Best Sci-Fi  Short: Air

Best Sci-Fi Feature: Clew

Best Horror Short: Dead Hearts

Best Horror Feature: Blood Punch


Short Film Awards


Best College Short: Drone

Best Arizona Short: Ouroboros

Best Short Documentary: Anna

Best Animated Short: The Ocean Maker

Best Live Action Short: Contrapelo


Foundation Awards


Arizona Filmmaker of the Year: Randy Murray

Volunteer of the Year: Dan Gluck

Dr Sydney K Shapiro Humanitarian Award: Angel of Nanjng


PHX Film News for April 18, 2014

PHX Film News
April 18th, 2014 Thank you to everyone who came out to the 2014 Phoenix Film Festival. In the upcoming weeks, many of these films will be released in theatres and we'll keep you posted.This week we thought we would update you on some exciting news on some of our films from 2013.
The Retrieval : Opening April 25th at Harkins Shea After a successful run on the film festival circuit in 2013, The Retrieval is hitting theatres. Next Friday (04/25) the film will be opening exclusively at Harkins Shea 14.Taking place a year after the Emancipation Proclamation, The Retrieval follows Will (newcomer Ashton Sanders), a boy sent by a bounty hunter gang to retrieve a wanted freedman (Tishuan Scott) and bring him back to the South. The film is Independent Spirit Award winner Chris Eska’s second feature and has garnered over a dozen awards at more than forty festivals worldwide, including Best Director, Best Acting Ensemble, and the Audience Award at last year’s Phoenix Film Festival.Find out more at the Harkins website
Favor: iTunes and On Demand on April 22nd Favor was the winner of Best Screenplay at the 2013 Phoenix Film Festival and it will be available on home video starting on April 22nd. That includes iTunes, Cox On Demand and along with another dozen services.Here's a refresher on the synopsis: Kip Desmond has gotten everything he's ever wanted: a thriving career, beautiful wife and an affluent lifestyle, all of which is put in jeopardy when Abby, the waitress with whom he's having a casual fling, is accidentally killed. Desperate, he ends up on the doorstep of childhood friend Marvin Croat and asks him for a huge favor: help get rid of the body. This gruesome circumstance begins a series of events which unravels Kip and Marvin’s lifelong friendship, leading both men to murderous acts neither had ever suspected themselves capable of. Click here to get it on iTunes
Putzel: Available nowOur 2013 Best Picture winner, Putzel is available now for purchase through Amazon as well as various home viewing options.Synopsis: For Walter Himmelstein, a young man endearingly known as Putzel, life literally doesn't go beyond his family's fish store on the upper west side of Manhattan. In this heartwarming romantic comedy about sex, love and smoked fish, Walter's aspirations of taking over his uncle's fish emporium are disrupted by the arrival of Sally, who becomes romantically involved with his about-to-retire and very-married uncle. While Walter tries to thwart their romance in order to ensure his taking over the business, he finds his circumscribed life thrown off kilter, and, after years of being undermined by his family and friends, finally starts to realize that he's more than a Putzel.

Click here to get your copy

Down and Dangerous : Available now in iTunes Down and Dangerous is one of the films we get asked about the most from last year's festival. And we have great news, it's also available on iTunes.Here's the synopsis: Always one step ahead of the Feds, Paul Boxer is the most inventive and principled smuggler in the trade, and has never needed to carry a gun. When violent mid-level traffickers coerce him into designing a foolproof plan to bring ten kilos of cocaine across the México border, he maneuvers to rid himself of their hold over him once and for all. However, when a sharp and beautiful woman from his past enlists his help to escape this rival outfit, Paul must confront the man that is hunting him down, and choose between his livelihood as a drug runner and his integrity as a man.Click here to check it out on iTunes