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2014 Weekend Seminar Schedule

IFP Phoenix

IFP/Phoenix-Sponsored FREE Seminars

IFP Phoenix sponsors the educational seminars during the Phoenix Film Festival weekend.  All sessions are FREE unless otherwise noted.  (All sessions on this page are free!)

“Our guest panelists will be chosen from the roster of talented filmmakers whose works are chosen to screen at the 2014 Phoenix Film Festival.  We look forward to this year’s crop of brilliant writers, directors, cinematographers, actors, and many others!”

– Joe Gruberman, Seminar Director, Phoenix Film Festival


Saturday April 5th, 2014
2:30PM Women in Filmmaking:
The Long Road to Equality
The influence of women on the film world has a long history but not without major limitations in a male-dominated industry.  Our panel of female filmmakers talk about their ongoing challenges as well as the headway being made as gender barriers are broken down.
Hosted by TJ Houle (IFP/PHX Co-Program Director)
Scheduled panelists: Mo Asumang (The Aryans), Jill D’Agnenica (Life Inside Out), Meryem Ersoz (Mind’s Eye) and Juli Jackson (45RPM).
3:30PM Actors’ Roundtable:
Life as an Indie Actor
Opportunities in independent film. What are we sacrificing for the craft? Are indies the back door into mainstream? And what is “mainstream” these days, anyway? A discussion with some of the talented and dedicated actors whose films are now playing at the Phoenix Film Festival.
Hosted by special guest host Amanda Melby (Verve Studios)
Scheduled panelists:
Colleen Hartnett (Perorities, et al.), Steven Luke (Dust of War), Nick Sommer (Billy Club) and Izzie Steele (Mind’s Eye).
4:30PM So You Think You Can Shoot A Feature Film?
If you think it looks hard, you have NO IDEA!!
Behind every movie is a story. Not the one that’s played out on the screen, but the one that’s played out behind the scenes before, during and after production. Our panel of feature filmmakers will sound off on the monumental effort that is feature filmmaking. Hey, if we didn’t love it, we wouldn’t be doing it!
Hosted by Aaron Kes (IFP/PHX Co-Program Director)
Scheduled panelists: Thomas Beatty (Teddy Bears), Jeff DeCola (The Frontier), Howard Goldberg (Jake Squared), Eddie Jemison (King of Herrings) and Theo Love (Little Hope Was Arson).


Sunday April 6th, 2014
2:30PM Short Film Filmmakers’ Panel:
The Short Subject Strategy
Most filmmakers start out making short films. Many continue in the format for years. What are the advantages and disadvantage? And can we leverage our short film catalogs to advance our careers?
Hosted by Matt Connolly (IFP/PHX Education Director)
Scheduled panelists: Jaz Garewal (Present Tense), Seo-Young Jun (Clean), Dan Kruse (“ZOOM! Tucson’s Late-1950s Rock ‘n’ Roll Record Label”), Charles Peterson (Schism) and Todd Slawsby (THE HEEBIE-JEEBIES).
3:30PM Post-Production Magic:
We Can’t Shoot That!
So much of what we do in the movie production involves the integration of post-production effects into the production process.  Our panel of animators, graphic artists and editors shares tricks and tips of adding post-production wizardry to an indie project.
Hosted by Andy Moreno (IFP/PHX Filmmaker Challenges Director)
Scheduled panelists: Jaz Garewal (Present Tense), Theo Love (Little Hope Was Arson) and Carlos Weaver (The Joe Show).
4:30PM Sci-Fi / Horror Filmmakers Roundtable:
New Worlds from Old Rules
In honor of our Horror/Sci-Fi program, this special panel of Sci-Fi and Horror filmmakers discusses how they develop alternate realities, non-existent technology and futuristic societies on an indie budget.
Hosted by special guest host Chris LaMont (Co-Founder of the Phoenix Film Festival)
Scheduled panelists: Alex Drummond (The Shower), Kenneth Miller (Dust Jacket), Drew Rosas (Billy Club) and Stephen Sherwood (Passing).

Never been on one of our panels before? No sweat! Check out this video: [click here]

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