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Official Rejection

In celebration of the 2017 Phoenix Film Festival, we present a free screening of Official Rejection.
Come and see just what these independent filmmakers go through for festival glory.

March 9, 2017


Much has been said about the trials and struggles of making an independent film, and with good reason: it's incredibly difficult, and not many are able to accomplish this feat.  The perception is, however, that once you have finished your movie you can just "take it to Sundance". Yet the task of finding placement at a major film festival is often more daunting, and exhausting, then the making of the movie itself.

This is the story we intend to tell.

Following filmmakers along the festival circuit, OFFICIAL REJECTION takes a lighthearted but realistic look at the politics, pitfalls, costs, and toll of life at the fests.  See exactly what happens once the movie is finished, the reality of today's film festival landscape, and the emotional roller-coaster those who dare venture onto it find themselves riding.

Featuring interviews with Kevin Smith, Bryan Singer, Lloyd Kaufman, JennaFischer, Andy Dick,  Traci Lords, Jennifer Tilly, and Chris Gore.