2018 Weekend Filmmaker Panel Schedule

Hosted by Festival alumni, our weekend filmmaker panel series is designed to enhance your experience at the Phoenix Film Festival by bringing together filmmakers, film lovers and industry professionals. Be a part of the conversation! There is something for everyone to learn at the the Phoenix Film Festival's Weekend Workshops!

Saturday, April 7, 2018

3:30 PM

That's Not The Way It Looked When I Wrote It.

The screenplay morphs several times from inception to final editing cut. Panelists relate their own experiences in the evolution of their stories and how they ultimately serve the needs of the finished product.

Hosted by Tyler Riggs

Selina Ringel, The Best People
Savid Saldana, Rich Kids
Johan Cronje, Wonderlus
Judith Eisenberg,The Secret Lives of Teachers
Andres Gil, Look at Me


Time Is Money So Make It Short!

There are many reasons to make short films. Lack of funding is not the only consideration, but it's at the top. Panelists discuss their strategies in focusing on the shorts format and how they feel it benefits them as filmmakers.

Hosted by Tiffany Hutson

Eric Dyson, Baby Steps
Victor Vargas, Check, Please!
Killian Davies, Instinct
Miguel J. Soliman, Desde el Principio
Trevor Roach, Look At Me



What's Hot And What's Not.

Members of the Phoenix Critics Circle share with you their thoughts on the evolution of

movies and what we can expect more (and less) of based on current trends and popularity.

Hosted by Kaely Monahan,
Phoenix Critics Circle

Ryan Bordow, sittingingthecinema.com
Josh Spiegel, The Hollywood Reporter
Jeff Mitchell, ArtHouseFilmWire.com
Monte Yazzie, theCodaFilms.com





Why Is Everyone Looking At ME?

No matter how many people are involved in the making of a movie, the director is ultimately the person everyone turns to for final decisions. The entire company will literally come to a halt while the director decides. Panelists talk about their best and their worst experiences as directors and the lessons they took away from the experience.

Hosted by Brian Ronalds 
Netherbeast Incorporated (2007)

Serge Kushnier, The Idea of Manhood
Eric Bilitch, Locating Silver Lake
Douglas Kaplan, Modern American Artists
Dan Mirvish, Bernard and Huey
Dan Levy Dagerman, The Best People

Sunday, April 8, 2018


Now It's MY Turn

The field is constantly widening to showcase filmmakers of diversity. This year we focus on the female filmmakers and the in-roads they've made into an industry dominated by men. Filmmakers discuss the types of subjects that women are more likely to explore.

Hosted by Amanda Melby

Laura Somers, Rich Kids
Janett Salas, Check Please!
Lakshmi Devy, Don't Be Afraid
Christine Weatherup, Killed in Action



Playing To The Lens

Acting in film involves playing to the lens while pretending it's not there. Our panel of actors share their stories of working with directors to bring about performances for the big screen. Learn the tricks of the acting trade and improve your own game.

Hosted by Melissa Farley

Karl Bury, The Idea of Manhood
Justin Rodriguez, Rich Kids
Otoja Abit, Jitters
Jeff Fields, Adam's Mask

5:30 PM

Shock and AWE: Horror and Sci-fi

The original "shock" (horror) and "awe" (sci/fi) combo. Even with the great strides in technology and FX, story continues to play a key role in these genres. Panelist talk about the things that inspire them to push the limits of reality and normalcy in order to create the next generation of horror and science fiction films.

Hosted by Monte Yazzie

Nicholas Thurkettle, The Dinner Scene
Adam Losurdo, HOPE
Jaanelle Yee, SELL YOUR BODY
Miguel J. Soliman, Isabella


Reality Is NOT A TV Show

Reality is not a TV show. Reality can be shocking, funny, awful, and educational. Rarely is it scripted. Panelists talk about the special considerations of making documentary films and the obligation to stay true to the subject matter while presenting vastly divergent of points of view.

Hosted by Randy Murray

Caroline Knight, Still Sophie
Ivo Marloh, All The Wild Horses
Clay Haskell, Last Dance at Johnson's Barn
Mark Maxey, UP TO SNUFF
Emily Kincaid, Forever B