Join the Phoenix Film Foundation as we continue our new 5-week film study course with Alfred Hitchcock.


Welcome to Cinemanalysis: a new 5-week course analyzing the greats of cinema.

What makes a Director great?

What signature directing styles can we see from film to film?

What is this Director’s impact on cinema?

We take a look at these questions through the lens of one director each course. In this 5 week course, participants will be asked to watch a film at home and come to the group ready to discuss.

It’s kind of like a book club… but for movies!

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Alfred Hitchcock

Beginning January 26, 2017
Ending February 23, 2017
Every Thursday from 11am – Noon

$75 for all 5 weeks
$50 for Phoenix Film Society and IFP/Phoenix Members

Or you can drop in for one week!

$20 per class
$15 for Phoenix Film Society and IFP/Phoenix Members

Participants will be asked to watch the film before coming to class to discuss. Here are the films we will be studying:
(click on the title to purchase individual classes)

Rear Window – Thursday, January 26th

Vertigo – Thursday, February 2nd

North by Northwest – Thursday, February 9th

Psycho – Thursday, February 16th

The Birds – Thursday, February 23rd