2019 Phoenix Film Festival Short Film Selections

The Phoenix Film Festival is proud to announce our 2019 Short Films.

Stay tuned! We will be updating the site with schedules and more information about the films in the next coming weeks. 

African-American Directed

Disco Head – Lindsey Oblitey

Pink & Blue - James Parris

GAMERS - Searit Huluf

ASIA A - Andrew Reid

Birth of Afrobeat - Opiyo Okeyo

Trio - Kevin Giles

White Noise - Frida Perez

The Treadmill - Stefan  Dezil

Utopia - Aimiende Negbenebor Sela

Animated Shorts

Lullaby Theories: Babies & Babies & Babies - Clara Lehmann, Jonathan Lacocque

Toasted - Chad Janusch

L'Homme et le Poisson - Lewis Leon

The Blues Crab - Ari Rubenstein

The Seasons of Saguaro Sam - Brian O'Connor

Novalis - Chris  Powell

The Indies: An Animated Short - DJ Tony Dake, Chaz Bottoms

Red Tape - David St. Clair

Pour 585 - Patrick Smith

Bristled - Scott Farrell

Mogu and Perol - Tsuneo Goda

Arizona Shorts A

Lovers - Nell Teare

Schwagged - Adolpho Navarro

Cosplay vs the World - Katie Owens

Sweetheart - Chris Wilembrecht

Tender Matches - Cassandra Nicholson

Glitter - Jeff Fields and Kannon

CONSORTIUM: a prologue - Sheila Patterson

Levi - Craig Dean Devine

Directions to Albuquerque - Angela Houston

Improbable - Ryan Glauser

Arizona Shorts B

Imaginery Bullets - Sean Oliver

Me. - Alyssa Eshelman

Heart of Gold - Justin Lee Stanley

Teaching in Arizona - Lisa Molomot

College Shorts

Lemonade - Keegan Carlson

Esta Es Tu Cuba | This is Your Cuba - Brian Robau

Homecoming - Jennifer Blair

The Incident - Meedo Taha

How to Live Your Life Correctly - Xindi Lou

Snowball - Paul Rivet

Documentary Shorts A

Jim's Camelot - Evan Falbaum

The Battle for Ranked Choice Voting - Julie Mallozzi

Kenny - Lukas Korver

Dust Rising - Lauren Schwartzman

Forgotten - Daniel Soares

Documentary Shorts B

Live from the Astroturf, Alice Cooper - Steven Gaddis

Out of the Shadows - Adrienne von Wolffersdorff

Horror Shorts A

Plastic Hip - Bradford Uyeda

Third Wheel - Daniel DelPurgatorio

Keloid - Brendan Pollecutt

Rotsy - D. A. Keenan

Songbird - Helen Baldwin

The Leshiy - Ben Anderson, Sawyer Purman

The Foodies - Julien de Volte

Horror Shorts B

Peep - Zachary Dehm

Zombied - Matthew Van Vorst

Frozen in Terror - Chad Patrick Shannon

The Whistler - Jennifer Nicole Stang

Exibit Man - Trevor Mirosh

A Doll Distorted - Niall Shukla

Latino-American Directed Shorts

Without Shame - David E. Valdez

Abuela's Luck - Ricky Rosario

Pozole - Jessica Mendez Siqueiros

Manos Que Nos Hicieron - Julius Austin Olivas

A Period Piece - Sylvia Ray

Her Body - Juan Avella

ME 3.769 - Elaine Del Valle

Paradise Terrace - Pedro Perez Nuñez

Live Action Shorts A

The Parable of the Disappearing Recliner - Elisabeth Gray

A Boy's Fear - Samson Alli

Scrap - Leena Pendharkar

Just a Question - Roy Eisenstein

Jameson - John Humber

A Cohort of Guests – Todd Sandler

Eclipse - Jason Ruscio

Live Action Shorts B

Peggy - Justin O'Neal Miller

Soliloqy - Marion Kerr

Suncatcher - Parker Croft

Every Other Weekend - Josh Victor Rothstein

A Cilivlized Life - Victoria Keon-Cohen

Disappearing Inka - Nathan Cole

Neverland - Brett Smith

Native-American Directed Shorts

Odd Timbre - Matthew George

Crooked - Lauren DeJolie

Telling People You're Native American When You're Not Native Is A Lot Like Telling A Bear You're A Bear When You're Not A Bear
Joey Clift

Light - Sarah Hennigan

Cowboy - Boise Esquerra

Sci-Fi Shorts A

Transmission - Rebecca Gardiner

Bombora - Augie Meleo

Beautiful Bunkers - Boone Cavender

Lavender - Henry Boffin

Hot Knife Cold Butter - Zaina Salameh

Tik Tok - R.J. Blake

Regulation - Ryan Patch

Sci-Fi Shorts B

Secret Chord - Karl Thyselius

In Her Image - Nikoloz Kevkhishvili

The Way the Future Was - Raphael Kryszek

ETERNITY - Anna Sobolevksa

Widdershins - Simon P Biggs

World Cinema Shorts

Melodi - Michael Kam

Generations - Sune Sorensen

Love Pool - Asim Chaudhry

The Loss - Machu Latorre

Over the Wall - Roy Zafrani

A Wreck in Paradise - François Zaïdi