Behind the Screens - Part Three


Behind the Screens - Part Three

by Brionna Raum

Welcome to this week’s edition of Behind the Screens, where we let you in on what it’s like to prepare for Arizona’s biggest film festival! We are currently in the beginning stages of preparations, but we are making headway and things are beginning to take shape in a really exciting way!

Over the course of this week we finally completed the ever tearful rejection process. While it breaks our heart to have to reject so many wonderful films from the festival this year, we simply only have enough room for a certain amount. But it’s not bad news for all… we are very pleased to say that we have finally selected our competition films for the festival this year! It was a long and difficult process, but we’ve come out the other side with some really great films that we can hardly wait to show you all. And if there’s anyone who is more excited than we are, it’s the filmmakers of these great pieces. We have a very diverse group of filmmakers this year who have all created some really fantastic films. They couldn’t be more excited to show you their work and we are proud to be able to bring their films to the screen. You’re not going to want to miss this group of films!

Some other developments this week have been with our sponsors. We welcome back returning sponsors such as The Arizona Republic, Bookmans, Arizona State University, and The Pain Center. Joining us for the first time we are thrilled to have Christian Anderson PLC, Confidio, and i9 Sports.

We are also continuing to release our Daily Top Five posts, so be sure to read our curated choices of films from this week on topics such as, Best Impactful Netflix Movies, Best Guilty Pleasure Netflix Movies, Best Biopics, and Best Remakes.

We are grateful for all of the support in the process of preparing for this festival, and we are so excited to see it all come into place. Be sure to read up next week on what's going on with festival preparations, and have a great weekend!