Movie Review For a Good Time Call...

For a Good Time Call…   

Starring: Ari Graynor, Lauren Miller, Justin Long, Mimi Rogers, Don McManus, James Wolk


Directed by Jaime Travis


Rated: R

Run Time: 85 mins

Genre: Comedy


Opens September 7th


By Lisa Minzey


Hey film fans, we have another film opening this week that debuted at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. Co-Writer and Star of the film Lauren Miller based the film on her writing partner, Katie Naylon’s experiences as a sex phone operator during her college years.


When Lauren (Lauren Miller) finds herself suddenly homeless due to a recent break-up with her boyfriend of 2 years, Charlie (James Wolk), this is just the beginning of her troubles. In a matter of less than a week, she’s gone from losing her boyfriend, to be sharing an apartment with a frenemy from college, Katie (Ari Graynor) and fired from her long time job.


Katie is not faring any better. She confides in Jesse (Justin Long) that she’s about to be kicked out of her Manhattan apartment if she can’t come up with the money or find a roommate. Jesse, being the good mutual friend he is, brings the two girls together to solve their short term problems and hopefully mend the bridge that had burned in college.


Lauren and Katie come from vastly different backgrounds. Lauren’s parents are supportive, caring and are financially supportive, while Katie has no contact with her family, works 3 jobs to survive and is essentially an orphan if it weren’t for Jesse.


Prior to Lauren’s arrival, Katie failed to disclose the nature of her employment, and it’s not until she catches Katie in the act of a “live phone call”, that she learns how Katie makes her rent money.  Lauren, the sensible or business savvy one (which ever way you want to look at it), gives Katie some advice on how to turn a real profit on the sex phone business and run herself. This thrills Katie to no end and offers Lauren a position in helping run the new business endeavor; Lauren declines as she has an interview at her dream company for a junior editor position.


At her interview, Lauren is told that her “dream company” won’t be hiring for another position for another 3 months, she panics; she needs a job today. When she gets home, Lauren prepositions Katie; she will work for her, but only in billing. Katie agrees, and 1-900-HHH-MMHH is born. The business takes off and the girls relish in their success, healing the past maybe once and for all. Lauren, growing more confident in her position, rises to the challenge of phone operator. Katie, also challenging herself, begins dating one of her regular clients, Sean (Mark Webber). With everything going so well, will Lauren choose to stay on with Katie if and when her dream job becomes available again?  Will Katie overcome her personal hangups with dating and have a long term relationship with Sean? Will Katie be accepted by Lauren once she reveals something intensely personal which can affect their business?


For a Good Time Call… is a raunchy comedy that will certainly appeal to the younger audience. The film is loaded with sexually charged, raunchy humor, antics and gags, so if you like this type of film, you will definitely enjoy. Check it out in theaters starting Friday September 7th in Phoenix.