Movie Review for Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect   

Starring: Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, Rebel Wilson, Skylar Astin


Directed by Jason Moore


Rated: PG-13

Run Time: 112 mins

Genre: Comedy/ Musical


Opens in select theaters September 28th


By Lisa Minzey


Hey Phoenix Film fans! This week one of the movies we checked out was Pitch Perfect directed by Jason Moore (avenue Q) and features an all-star cast of Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Brittany Snow, Elizabeth Banks, Skylar Astin and Ben Platt.


College freshman Beca (Anna Kendrick) knows what she wants out of life; go to Los Angeles and work in the music industry. Unfortunately, her father insists she goes to college first. Her father, Dr. Mitchell (John Benjamin Hickey) is a professor at BardenUniversity, enabling Beca to attend for free. He bribes Beca into staying for at least her freshman year, if she doesn’t like it at the end of the first year he will help and pay for her to move west.  The catch is that Beca must get involved with some activity other than listening and mixing music tracks.


Barden University, known for their musical groups, particularly for two rival accapella choir groups: The Bellas and The Treblemakers.  The Bellas were disqualified from a national competition when one of their members had an unfortunate, yet disgusting accident during their performance.  Looking to redeem the legacy of the Bellas, Aubrey (Anna Camp) and Chloe (Brittany Snow) are desperately trying to find the perfect fit to the group. When the girls try to recruit Beca, they are blown off. Chloe knows that Beca is a perfect choice for the group, so she wheedles her into joining The Bellas.


The rest of the ragtag, all-girls singing group, is made of Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) the big girl with the even bigger personality, Stacie (Alexis Knapp) who is very in touch with her sensual side and Cynthia Rose (Ester Dean) who sexuality is in question. There is also Lilly (Hana Mae Lee) who is a life sized version of the Muppet Beeker, Denise (Wanetah Walmsley) and Ashley (Shelley Regner). The new inductees have been banned from dating their rivals, the all-male singing group, The Treblemakers. The leader of the guys group Bumper (Adam DeVine) is a bit of an egomaniac and loves to irritate Aubrey.


New Treblemaker Jesse has a major crush on Beca and is not shy about showing his feelings. Jesse works with Beca at the campus radio station as a fellow intern, so their friendship grows into a mutual attraction. Beca keeps herself guarded towards Jesse as it could jeopardize her spot in The Bellas. Aubrey doesn’t care much for Beca as it is, so being around Jesse keeps her on Aubrey’s bad side.


As Regionals approaches, the tension in the group heightens. Beca points out the material they have is stale, and that they should liven their performance up. Aubrey vehemently refuses and overrules the group. Will they be able to redeem The Bellas reputation or will the tensions in the group be their undoing? Will Beca be able to overcome her emotional defenses to be able to let in Jesse? Will Beca make it another year or will take her father’s offer and move toLos Angeleswhen the school year is finished?


What could be considered “Glee”: The College Years”, turned out to be a delightful surprise. This film is uplifting, light-hearted and such a guilty pleasure. The musical arrangements, vocal performances and acting performances were top notch. If you like shows like Glee or movies like Mean Girls, Superbad or Bring It On check this film out when it opens in select cities September 28 or nationwide October 5th.