Movie Review for A Good Day to Die Hard

A Good Day to Die Hard good_day_to_die_hard_ver3  

Starring: Bruce Willis, Jai Courtney, Sebastian Koch


Directed by John Moore


Rated: R

Run Time: 97 mins

Genre: Action/ Crime/ Thriller



Opens February 14th


By Lisa Minzey of The Reel


Hey Phoenix Film Fans! Although it may be Valentine’s Day, a time usually for rom-coms and mushy romantic dramas, along comes something for the bromances and action movie lovers.  Bruce Willis stars in the new film “A Good Day to Die Hard”, the fifth film the “Die Hard” Series.

John McClane (Bruce Willis) has seen his fair share of “scumbags” in his career. When he notified that his son may be one of the social deviants arrested in Russia, McClane takes a “vacation” to see what his estranged son Jack (Jai Courtney) has been up to.  Looks like the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, as Jack take followed in his father’s footsteps in crime busting, in the world of espionage for the C.I.A.  Jack has been undercover trying to get to a Russian criminal, Yuri Komarov (Sebastian Koch) and flip him to help the Americans.  Russian political figure/ mafia boss Chagarin has been after Komarov for a hidden file which supposedly has information about Chernobyl that could incriminate Chagrin and his whole operation.

Jack’s cover is blown, and operation of securing Komarov is compromised the moment McClane shows up; yelling at Jack like any father would if their son just escaped a Russian prison. Jack ditches his father, resulting in a car chase across Moscow with hit men chasing Jack; McClane pulling up the rear causing a wake of destruction in their path.

Now with the mission compromised, no resources available from the C.I.A. Jack and McClane must work together to secure the safety of Komarov and get him and his daughter out of the country before his file falls into the wrong hands, jeopardizing not only the citizens of Russia, but the world.

Although this is the fifth installment in the “Die Hard” series, Bruce Willis still can deliver action like nobody’s business. An aging John McClane is still just as ornery in his old age and still can kick some serious scumbag ass. What lacks in this film is the mystery and thrills of a great storyline, which is replaced by gun fights, car chases and an excessive amount of explosions. I usually enjoy the “Die Hard” films and Bruce Willis action films and this film could have been truly interesting with the father/ son plot, but it just failed to deliver any substance. It mentioned way too many references from the 80’s and cliche of America that the international community perceives and it came off ridiculous instead of humorous. If you’re looking for an audio sensory overload action film to see this Valentine’s Day weekend, check out “A Good Day to Die Hard” when it opens in theaters nationwide starting Thursday February 14, 2013.