Movie Review for Old Goats

Old Goats old goats Starring: Bob Burkholder, Britton Crosley, David Vander Wal

Directed by Taylor Guterson


Run Time: 91 mins

Opens March 15th


By Lisa Minzey of The Reel


Phoenix Film Fans!  This week we have an indie film to showcase opening this weekend at Harkins Camelview. Part biography/part fiction, "Old Goats" follows around three older gentleman and the path their friendship takes over a few months.

First up is Bob Burholder. Bob is an fascinating fellow with a colorful past which is extending into his golden years. Known in his younger, wild days as a ladies man, Bob boasts that he's been with over 60 women, served in the military, is an avid hunter and is now on the path of biographical author.

David Vander Wal is a newly retired gentleman who met Bob in his senior fitness class. Bob needed a ride home one day, and once he got to know him, the two became fast friends. Dave and his wife are snowbirds for part of the year, traveling from Seattle to Palm Springs for 6 months of the year.

Lastly there is Britt Crosley. Britt is an unusual fellow, recently retired and lives on a boat. He worked in the oil industry for 30 years, never married and lives his life on his own terms. Socially, he is pretty shy and awkward but with Dave and Bob's help is able to land a girlfriend in no time at all.

"Old Goats" is a charming film whose characters are the show case rather than the story itself. The three men as the lead actors are amusing to watch and see the situations they get themselves into as they navigate through their next life phase. Most of society doesn't think that the older generation are up to speed on technology, modern communication such as internet dating and sex talks, but it's presented in a comical, yet charming manner making it enjoyable to watch. Be sure to check out "Old Goats" playing at Harkins Camelview 5 starting Friday March 15, 2013.