Movie Review for The History of Future Folk

The History of Future Folk  FutureFolk_Poster_XL

Starring: Nils d’Aulaire, Jay Klaitz, Julie Ann Emery, April L. Hernandez, Dee Snider

Directed by: John Mitchell

Rated: NR

Run Time: 86 mins

Genre: Comedy/ Music/ Sci-Fi

Opens July 26th


By Lisa Minzey of The Reel

Another film on the indie circuit is opening this week at HArkins Valley Art. Winner of the Jury Prize at the 2012 Austin Fantastic Fest and the Audience Award at the 2012 Philadelphia Film Festival, “The History of Future Folk” stars Nils d’Aulaire, Jay Klaitz and Julie Ann Emery.


To get his young daughter to go to sleep at night, Bill (Nils d'Aulaire) tells his daughter Wren (Onata Aprile) stories of a man that hails from the planet Hondo, the courageous General Truis.  This Hondo bit crosses over into his stage act as a bluegrass singer at a local bar owned by his friend Larry (Dee Snider). Bill has been married to his wife Holly (Julie Ann Emery) for about 11 years and has failed to tell her the truth about his origins. What she thought to be the perfect life, comes crashing down on her as Holly learns that Bill has been leading a double life for all these years. The truth comes to life as Bill captures a would be assassin, Kevin (Jay Klaitz) send by the superiors from planet Hondo to complete his original mission.


Kevin isn’t the best hitman and is overtaken by Bill, who then takes him as a hostage, leaving him in his storage shed outside Bill’s Brooklyn home. Wren discovers Kevin by accident blowing things out of proportion with Holly and resulting in a huge fight between the spouses. Kevin is determined to finish the mission, but Bill quietly convinces him by playing him music that the mission needs to be aborted.


Together, Bill and Kevin form the band “Future Folk” which is a hit with the local crowd. Using the band as a cover to hide from the law, they now must figure out a way to save planet Hondo without destroying Earth in the process.

The title of this film gives crystal clear insight into the heart of this film. “The History of Future Folk” is a quirky gem of a film that belongs on a cult film fans list of must see films. What you see is what you get as the from the cheesy costumes, make up of the villain to the bluegrass banjo playing aliens, this film is truly entertaining, goofy and everything you would hope Future Folk would be. The lead actors appearance wise resemble a young John Cusack and John Candy, which would have been a team worth watching back in the day. The story is genuinely ridiculous, but charming in a B-movie way. Check out “The History of Future Folk” at Harkins Valley Art starting Friday July 26, 2013.