Still Mine Movie Review

Still Mine Still Mine

Starring: James Cromwell, Campbell Scott, Julie Stewart, Rick Roberts, Geneviève Bujold

Directed by: Michael McGowan

Rated: PG-13

Run Time: 102 mins

Genre: Drama

Opens July 19th

By Lisa Minzey of The Reel

Hey Phoenix Film Fans!  Another film opening this week at Harkins Camelview 5, (which also played at this year’s festival!) is the story based on true events, “Still Mine”  starring James Cromwell, Campbell Scott, Julie Stewart, Rick Roberts and Geneviève Bujold.


Based on  true events, an elderly man in New Brunswick is taken to court by the local housing authorities when he “disobeys” their rules. All Craig Morrison (James Cromwell) wanted to do was to build a suitable home, on his own property mind you, for his ailing wife Irene (Geneviève Bujold). Crag, although he may not act like his age (86 years old), his mind is rather sharp and so are his building skills. Irene, on the other hand, is showing signs of Alzheimer's and her memory is constantly failing. Using the same method of building as his shipbuilder father taught him, Craig assumed that his skill would be sufficient enough to build his own home. Now that he gave up his cattle and strawberry fields, Craig needed a project to keep himself busy. Downsizing from their current two story home made sense to him since, Irene’s health was starting to decline, and they really didn’t need the extra space.

still mine 2

Unfortunately, times have changed and Craig has been used to doing things a certain way for decades. The local building inspector feels that Craig’s work is unacceptable because he goes around the law, demanding that he stops working immediately or face the consequences. Will Craig be able to finish his home in peace or with the system engulf him and future dreams? “Still Mine” is a heart-warming film where you truly root for the underdog, in this case Craig. What was amazing that even at this man’s age, the amount of skill, energy and zest for life that this man had. James Cromwell is always a joy to watch, as is the rest of the cast, but creates a role that does justice for the real life man he portrays. Truly a gem among the crowded box office line up, “Still Mine” is one to check out when it opens Friday July 19, 2013 at Harkins Camelview 5.