The Short Game Movie Review

The  Short Game  TSGPoster1

Starring: Allan Kournikova, Zamokuhle Nxasana, Alexa Pano, Kuang Yang, Jed Dy,

Augustin Valery, Sky Sudberry, Amari Avery


Directed by: Josh Green Baum

Rated: PG

Run Time:90 mins

Genre: Documentary/ Sport

Opens September 20th


By Lisa Minzey of The Reel


Hey Phoenix Film Fans! Another documentary opening this week focuses on the world of Golf in the children’s arena. “The Short Game” features some of the best 7 year golfers in the world but is it worth the watch?


Golf in recent years has grown in popularity thanks to such players as Tiger Woods, who was a golf prodigy himself. Adult players strive to win that green player’s jacket at Augusta but for the children that play golf, every year the best players in the world gather in North Carolina at Pinehurst Golf Course to determine the U.S. Kids World Champion of Golf. Featuring Allan Kournikova from Florida, Zamokuhle Nxasana from South Africa, Alexa Pano from Florida, Kuang Yang from China, Jed Dy from the Philippines, Augustin Valery from France, Sky Sudberry from Texas and Amari Avery from California, the amazing quality each of these kids share is a determination to win and drive to be the best they can be.  As their parents as their caddy, each child is in a fierce competition to be the world champion, but will emotions or lack of focus get the best of them?

What was equally impressive is how quickly each child could switch to being a mini adult on the golf course to being a regular 7 or 8 year old kid the moment they were given free time. This film is truly entertaining and rather inspiring in capturing the spirit of good sportsmanship and positive life skills that should not be missed. Be sure to catch “The Short Game” when it opens in theaters starting Friday September 20,2013.