Carrie Movie Review

Carrie Carrie

Starring: Chloë Grace Moretz, Julianne Moore, Judy Greer, Gabriella Wilde, Portia Doubleday, Ansel Elgort

Directed by: Kimberly Peirce

Rated: R

Run Time: 100 mins

Genre: Horror/ Thriller


Opens October 18th


By Lisa Minzey of The Reel

Hey Phoenix Film Fans!  Opening this week is a remake of the 1976 horror classic, also based off a Stephen King novel. Can you guess what is it? If pig’s blood sounds familiar, then you probably know what it is. Director Kimberly Peirce  gives audiences a modern take on the horror classic, but how does it compare to the original?


Leading a sheltered life and using her faith as a shield to reality, Margaret White (Julianne Moore) births a baby girl at home, thinking it was some sort of cancer imposed on her by the devil, and it was a test by God to sacrifice this child. Some sort of rationality kicks in and she saves the baby girl, naming her Carrie.


Fast-forward to her high school years, Carrie (Chloë Grace Moretz) is a shy recluse who is on the receiving end of bullying by a popular girl and her friends. One of the girls, Sue (Gabriella Wilde) takes pity on her after a prank gone awry and tries to make amends with the poor girl. Carrie, during this tumultuous time, discovers her extrasensory ability in the form of telekinesis.


As the bullying and her overbearing mother grow worse, Carrie’s abilities become stronger. Will Carrie be able to control her abilities or will those who have done her wrong pay the ultimate price?


The danger in remakes is the loss of uniqueness and surprise. What makes this film unique is that a female director throws her hat in the ring to re-envision this horror classic and does a decent job. The real problem lies in the casting of the characters. Chloë Grace Moretz does a decent job as the troubled Carrie as does the high school bullies, but Julianne Moore as the overzealous, religious freak mother is a hard sell. Out of all the characters that Moore has played over the years, from a roller skating porn star, Sarah Palin to FBI Agent, this character is just not strong enough to believe that she is this deranged religious mother. What made Sissy Spacek so entrancing in the first film is that she sold the audience on being the lonely, homely Carrie. Moretz is easier to accept as the outcast/ misfit, but easily transforms into a pretty teenager that looks normal. The important note to figure in while watching that this is a “Reimagining” of the classic film so don’t be quick to judge on content comparison.


Other than the casting, the special effects are rather good, giving the telekinesis abilities new depth and thrills. You be the judge when “Carrie” opens in theaters nationwide starting Friday October 18, 2013.