Your Favorite Movies - Eddie Jemison

For the 2015 Phoenix Film Festival we encourage you to Find Your New Favorite Movie! As we approach the festival we're starting a new series on our site where we ask some Phoenix Film Festival filmmaker alumni about some of their favorite movies.  

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First up, Eddie Jemison, whose film King of Herrings received rave reviews from enthusiastic audiences at the 2014 festival … and beyond! Eddie, along with co-director Sean Richardson (both of whom wore many hats) snagged the Dan Harkins Breakthrough Filmmaker Award at PFF 2014.




What is your …


  • Favorite Comedy?

The Graduate ~ Mike Nichols, Director 

There's something so funny and so sad about Benjamin Braddock. Dustin Hoffman just has to stand there, and you see both. He's too sincere for the world he's growing into, and has no clue how to open the door and enter adulthood.


  • Favorite Drama?

Fanny & Alexander ~ Ingmar Bergman, Director

This movie has everything! It's impossible to pin down its strengths. Long beautiful scenes. The meanest stepfather in the world. A little boy who finds magic just when he needs it. There's good. Evil. A man plays a woman. A woman plays a man (who lives locked in a room and just might be Jesus). An adult story from little boy's perspective.


  • Documentary?

Salesman ~ Albert & David Maysles and Charlotte Zwerin, Directors

Black and white, cinema verite about the utter desperation of door-to-door Bible salesman at the end of the 60s. They press on with so little evidence of hope. Kinda what's it's like being an actor.


  • Favorite film you saw on the circuit?

Favor ~ Paul Osborne, Director

Tense, taut, super smart indie thriller that documents the crumbling facade of friendship and what it means to be loyal. An indie film with hints of classic noir, written with more subtlety and finesse than most of what Hollywood offers today.

  • Do you have a favorite film poster?Manhattan poster

Manhattan ~ Woody Allen, Director

So simple. So moody.


King of Herrings is scheduled for official release on January 20, 2015 by Devolver Digital!  Look for it on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and a bunch of other digital platforms!

– Laurie Smith