Oscar Snubbed Part 2 by Monte Yazzie


Oscar Snubbed Part 2: Never Nominated


As we discussed a few weeks ago, there have been numerous films throughout history that have been snubbed for the Best Picture category for the Oscars. However, that’s not the only category that has seen its share of snubbed nominations. Best actor and actress, best director, and best cinematographer have seen their snubs as well. Here are a list of a few people who have never been nominated for an Oscar.


Best Actor


Jim Carrey - Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)


If you haven’t had the chance to watch the documentary “Jim and Andy” which details the extent that Jim Carrey went into character to become Andy Kaufman in the film “Man on the Moon”, do yourself a favor and watch that immediately, it’s fascinating. Jim Carrey has never been nominated for an Oscar. Let that set in for a moment. Mr. Carrey, who got his start as a zany stand-up comedian, progressed into quite the actor during the late 90’s. In 2004 the actor gave his best performance in Michel Gondry’s film “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”. Mr. Carrey combines a mix of different emotions in portraying a complicated character struggling to find his place in the world after the loss of love. It’s one of those performances that just gets better with time.


Best Actress


Marilyn Monroe - Some Like It Hot (1960)


Billy Wilder’s romantic comedy “Some Like It Hot” scored Oscar nominations for Jack Lemmon and Wilder but none for Marilyn Monroe who many times steals the show and matches verbal wits with Lemmon and Tony Curtis throughout the film. She is iconic in the role, beautiful and captivating while also being witty and humorous throughout the film. She owns every single scene, ultimately becoming the highlight of the film as history progressed. The movie has all the sensibilities of a Marx Brothers comedy highlighted by the charm and sexual confidence that Ms. Monroe embodied. Looking at the work that the actress produced in her career, it’s a shame that a nomination for Oscar never came her way.


Best Director


Brian De Palma - The Untouchables


Brian De Palma has never been nominated for an Academy Award…never!! That’s shocking. The director of “Carrie”, “Scarface”, “Carlito’s Way”, and “The Untouchables” has crafted some of the most impressive films in cinematic history but has never received a nomination for best director. While the director does dabble in entertainment that pushes horrific, grim, and outlandish qualities of genre filmmaking, which are easy reasons why Academy voters may have overlooked a nomination, “The Untouchables” checks all the bullets one would consider for a nomination. Sean Connery won the best supporting actor award for this film but Mr. De Palma was excluded from the nomination conversation. On the list of obvious snubs, Brian De Palma’s name is at the top of the list.


Best Cinematographer


Raoul Coutard - Breathless (1960)


Raoul Coutard may not be a recognizable name but the films he worked on revolutionized the methodologies for camera use in films. Mr. Coutard was the consistent collaborator for master filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard. The use of the handheld camera, the insistence of utilizing natural lighting, and the use of black and white photography would all come to define the practice of these skillsets in the French New Wave movement in film during the 1960’s. “Breathless” is one of the highlights of the French New Wave movement, one that Raoul Coutard had a large hand in curating. Mr. Coutard’s extensive films have an influence that is undeniable, which makes it all the more disappointing he was never recognized for an Oscar.