Wild Ride Movie Review

Movie Review for Wild Horse, Wild Ride

Wild Horse, Wild Ride  


Directed by Alex Dawson & Greg Gricus


Rated: PG

Run Time: 106 mins

Genre: Documentary/ Western


Opens September 14th, 2012


By Lisa Minzey


Hey Phoenix Film Fest fans!  A fantastic documentary that was the Winner of  Cox Audience Award and Best Cinematography at the 2011 Phoenix Film Festival “Wild Horse, Wild Ride”,  is hitting theaters this weekend. It has gone on to win many different awards at many different festivals, and it is understandably so.


In the documentary “Wild Horse, Wild Ride”, husband & wife Filmmaker team, Alex Dawson & Greg Gricus, followed 9 different horse trainers and their mustangs, on a 100 day journey to the Mustang Extreme Makeover Competition in Fort Worth, TX.


Each year, the U.S. Government rounds up thousands of wild horses, removes them from public lands to be sold at public auction. The Extreme Mustang Makeover Challenge (sounds like it could be a reality show on ABC, eh?) gives 100 trainers the chance to train 100 horses (1 trainer & 1 horse) to prepare them for adoption, giving them a chance at a better life than penned up in a federal corral. During the competition, the horses and trainers go through a series of tests, tricks and trotting. If the horse cannot do one thing, it is an automatic disqualification. On the 3rd day, there is a public auction where the trainers have the opportunity to bid, along with the public, to buy their horses providing a permanent home.


The trainers showcased through the film are from vastly different backgrounds, widespread throughout the country. From Arizona to New Hampshire, each trainer unknowingly has something special to learn from the horse.   Humans and horses are more alike than most realize. Both have an incredible spirit; both can heal, learn and teach each other extraordinary lessons while overcoming impossible odds.


"Wild Horse, Wild Ride" is a beautiful documentary that shows the astonishing connection between horse and human. Each trainer and horse’s journey is memorable, enduring and makes this a most enjoyable film to watch. Be sure to check it out when this film comes to a theater Friday September 14th.