Your Favorite Movies - Anthony Tarsitano

What are Your Favorite Films?

For the 2015 Phoenix Film Festival we encourage you to Find Your New Favorite Movie! As we approach the festival we’ve started a new series on our site where we ask some Phoenix Film Festival filmmaker alumni about some of their favorite movies.


Tarsitano, Anthony&DeborahAnthony Tarsitano and his wife (and co-filmmaker) Deborah accepted the Copper Wing Award at PFF 2014 for Best Live Action Short for their film ICE.

This week, Anthony shares some of his favorite films with us. (How long is your list now?)

What is your …


  • Favorite Comedy

I have many. Comedy is so subjective. And for me, a favorite comedy is one that makes me laugh every time I view it. They are: Napoleon Dynamite, My Cousin Vinny, Young Frankenstein, Groundhog Day, Night at the Opera, Bread & Chocolate.


  • Favorite Drama

So many …again. So many different approaches and sub genres. Casablanca, The Godfather, Saving Private Ryan, Return of Martin Guerre (orig French), The Vanishing (Netherlands), The Wind Will Carry Us, La Strada, The Violin, Down By Law, and so many more.


  • Favorite Documentary

Man on Wire. I live in downtown NYC and I'm old enough to remember the original walk of Philippe Petit between the Twin Towers. Over the years I spent time in those buildings and every time I was there I marveled at his feat. And later, witnessed the tragedy and sadness of 9/11 firsthand. The film touched all the chords in me about those hallowed grounds.


  • Favorite film you saw on the circuit

Honestly, Locke –the 2014 Phoenix Film Festival Opening Night Film. One man, one car, helluva of a story. Difficult to pull off.


  • Favorite film that you think most people have never seen, but should?

Fallen Idol (1948). It's a British film that I find extremely poignant.


  • Do you have a favorite film poster?Lolita

I'm not sure I'd call it my favorite – don't really have any; but, Lolita is so blatantly provocative, especially for it's time (1962). Pretty sure it wouldn't fly today.

Anthony reports that after Phoenix Film Festival 2014, ICE continued on the US/International Festival circuit, including Academy-qualifying fests, and wrapped with a small in-flight deal through Tribeca on United Airlines.

Anthony also had a film at PFF 2009, that took home a Copper Wing Award for Special Jury Prize Acting Achievement for Dennis Boutsikaris’ performance in Calling it Quits. The film (that by the way was declared “a sweet film” by none other than Martin Scorsese) screened at more US festivals, then went on to an online self-distribution platform -- which did well for a few years.

Anthony is currently in early stages of shooting a new feature titled Lost Cat Corona (2015).

– Laurie Smith