Your Favorite Movies - Howard Goldberg

What are Your Favorite Films?

For the 2015 Phoenix Film Festival we encourage you to Find Your New Favorite Movie! As we approach the festival we’ve started a new series on our site where we ask some Phoenix Film Festival filmmaker alumni about some of their favorite movies.

Jake Squared has garnered critical acclaim from several outlets, but perhaps Netflix users sum it up best. In particular, one of the many 5-star reviews included this nugget: Jake Squared is a brilliant little film full of big ideas about love and relationships, and one man’s search for meaning. Reminiscent of early Woody Allen, the film is funny, thoughtful and provocative. Elias Koteas turns in a spot on performance as a neurotic filmmaker at various stages of his life. I highly recommend this film to any one who appreciates smart humor and great acting.

Elias Koteas received a Copper Wing Award at PFF 2014 for Special Jury Prize Acting Achievement.

0406PFF_Awards44This week, Howard Goldberg, the film's Producer/Writer/Director, shares a few of his favorite films to add to your ever-growing must-see list!

What is your


  • Favorite Comedy

Comedy is King, so it's really tough to pick a favorite. So (as I will in the other areas), I will pick favorites among favorites, because I have hundreds of favorites. With that cop-out in mind, I will say, Some Like it Hot, followed closely by The Producers. Why? Because I have seen them both dozens of times each, and because they're both effin funny!


  • Favorite Drama

I love Orpheé (Orpheus) by Jean Cocteau, and I adore Les Enfants du Paradis (The Children of Paradise) by Marcel Carné. They are both dramatic, mysterious, fantastical and magical. They take you into a world you never saw or knew but actually live in throughout the film.


  • Favorite Documentary

Roger and Me by Michael Moore. It was the first documentary that showed me how much power one could wield and how much controversy one could stir up with a film. The camera is mightier than the sword!


  • Favorite film you saw on the circuit

Jake Squared. Oh wait ... that was my film. I guess that's not appropriate, so I'll have to pick another. :-(   The King of Herrings by Eddie Jemison – I really enjoyed that, and thought he made a film that was the latter day spawn of Damon Runyon and Charles Bukowski.


  • Favorite film that you think most people have never seen, but should?

Orphée! See above and then see the film. Or, if you have seen it, see Cocteaus' other masterpiece, La Belle et la Bete (Beauty and the Beast). Wow.


  • Do you have a favorite film poster?

Casablanca. How could you not see this film!?movie-casablanca


Howard tells us that since PFF 2014 Jake Squared was in quite a few other film festivals, “which was a blast!” It then opened theatrically in ten cities, and then went to iTunes, Amazon, Hulu and OnDemand. Currently, it's on Netflix. Watch it! Enjoy it! Rate it!

– Laurie Smith