FREE Concert by Duran Duran tribute band Rio -- Saturday night at the 2015 PFF

duran-duran-small Saturday Night, March 29, 2015 at 9:30PM, it's all happening!

Please, Please tell me now!

Is There Something I Should Know?


This may be Planet Earth (ba ba ba bu ba ba ba ba), but Saturday night March 28 at the 2015 Phoenix Film Festival will be no Ordinary World with the addition of Rio, the Duran Duran tribute band!

Festival pros know the place to be (when you're not at a film, of course) is the Notorious Party Pavilion, but we're going bigger than ever this year with the addition of The Wild Boys of Rio.

So when you're not watching Girls on Film, you need to be at Phoenix's Big Thing: Rio at the 2015 Phoenix Film Festival.

Union of the Snake. (pretty much impossible to fit in to a sentence, but a totally necessary reference for this post)