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What are Your Favorite Films?


As PFF 2015 kicks off, we encourage you to Find YOUR New Favorite Movie … there are SO many amazing films to choose from! See the complete schedule here. We have asked filmmakers who will be screening their films at this year’s festival about some of their favorite movies.


Gorman Bechard - press photoGorman Bechard is the writer/director/editor of PFF 2015 Feature Competition Film A DOG NAMED GUCCI. He will be in attendance for Q & A sessions at all three screenings. In the meantime, Gorman shares a few of his favorite films with us.


  • Favorite Comedy

ANNIE HALL.  Basically, Woody Allen redefined what the modern comedy should be by combing the snark of Groucho Marx and the sympathy of Charlie Chaplin.  I've seen the film over 100 times, and it never gets old.  The writing is as sharp as any film ever made.  The cast is perfect.  And Diane Keaton just steals my heart.  Love this film.  LOVE this film.  I FREAKIN' LOVE THIS FILM! Gorman, so how do you feel about the film?


  • Favorite Drama

THE SEVENTH SEAL.  Every frame of Ingmar Bergman's masterpiece could hang as a still photo on a wall.  There's never been a more beautiful film, and perhaps because of the way religion so affects the world in so many ways, I'm not sure there's ever been a more important film.  How much do I love it?  Well, at the end of the film Death dances off on the hilltop with a bunch of the characters.  I turned that into a tattoo, but changed the characters.  So instead Death is dancing off with Brian (from Family Guy), Charlie Chaplin, Alfred Hitchcock, Kurt Vonnegut, Spongebob Squarepants, and Bob Stinton (of The Replacements).


  • Favorite Documentary

THE DEVIL AND DANIEL JOHNSTON. Not only the greatest rock doc of all time, the greatest documentary, period.  Jeff Feuerzeig had amazing access to the life of the very trouble Johnston, and created a look at masterful art, family, mental illness, genius, and rock and roll.  The film will break your heart one moment, then make you laugh the next.  It was the film that made me want to move from narrative to documentaries.


  • What film(s) are you looking forward to seeing at PFF 2015 (besides your own of course!!)? ME AND EARL AND THE DYING GIRL. (PFF Saturday Night Film) I've read so much about this film, and without question it's the one I'm most excited about.


  • What is a favorite film that you think most people have never seen, but should?

STARLET.  Sean Baker created the perfect indie film for this generation.  Beautifully acted and written.  Surprises around many corners … and an ending much like life itself.  (Plus the DVD extras are a must watch!)


  • Do you have a favorite film poster?Starlet

Of recent posters I would definitely go with STARLET.  It beautifully said everything you needed to know.


From survivor to rock star, A DOG NAMED GUCCI is the story of a puppy set on fire and the brave man who came to his rescue. But for Doug James saving Gucci was just the beginning. Together they would forge a forever bond of devotion and perseverance and work to change the non-existent animal cruelty laws in their home state, proving that justice is a dog’s best friend.


Once PFF is over Gorman tells us that he will “finally” get to do the sound mix and add a very special song over the closing credits … one sung by some of the biggest animal-loving rock stars in the business.

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