Your Favorite Movies - Liz Manashil

What are Your Favorite Films?

For the 2015 Phoenix Film Festival we encourage you to Find YOUR New Favorite Movie! We have asked filmmakers who will be screening their films at this year’s festival about some of their favorite movies.


Liz Manashil headshotLiz Manashil, writer/director of PFF Feature Competition film BREAD AND BUTTER, will be in attendance for all three PFF screenings on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Check the schedule here. And, if that weren’t enough, she has shared a few of her fave films with us!


  • Favorite Comedy

BROADCAST NEWS is my favorite movie of all time and it also happens to be a comedy. I think Jane Craig is one of the best female characters ever written and there are scenes in this movie that I actually have based life decisions off of because I feel so in sync with what it's trying to say. Plus, it's absolutely hilarious. Also, best casting ever. "I think we have the kind of friendship where if I were the devil, you'd be the only one I would tell."


  • Favorite Drama

THE LAST DAYS OF DISCO. It's more of a comedy drama and it's by one of my favorite directors, Whit Stillman. I love how subtle and unpredictable each of the characters are. I also love the overarching theme of not wanting time to move on, not wanting to get older, not wanting to move past "disco." It's a great, underappreciated movie. Also ROCKY has to be on the list as well, because... it's Rocky!


  • Favorite Documentary

THE CRUISE. Bennett Miller has recently transitioned to fiction, as of late, and there are scads and scads of documentaries that I love, but this one gives me a little bit of doc street cred because it's not as well known as the host of others I could mention. A fantastic movie about a New York bus tour guide that allows you to see the beauty in things you might pass over upon first viewing.


  • What film(s) are you looking forward to seeing at PFF 2015 (besides your own of course!!)?

A good friend of mine is screening his short VALIANT at PFF, and I haven't seen it yet!


  • What is a favorite film that you think most people have never seen, but should?

TUSK and FRIGHT NIGHT (both versions). It's a little bit of a joke with me, but I bring up these movies all the time. I think they are really well done and capture a great medium ground between camp, horror and comedy, that isn't often depicted. Also, they're just fun. Sometimes you need a ridiculous movie to get you out of a mood slump.


  • Do you have a favorite film poster?Stolen Kisses

One of my favorite movies of all time is STOLEN KISSES by Francois Truffaut. The poster is hanging in my hallway and I love it. BREAD AND BUTTER is about thirty year-old AMELIA KARINSKY – who obsessed with her virginity, struggles to take control of her life when two emotionally arrested men fall for her. BREAD AND BUTTER chronicles how Amelia learns that independence is more important than a mismatched romance.


Among many accolades, The Valley Star declares that, “Bread and Butter” charms as it effectively demonstrates the flaws and instability in romance, assuring viewers that they are not alone in their weirdness or intricate love affairs.”


Liz tells us that Bread and Butter world-premiered at Woodstock Film festival, won Best Feature at Big Apple Film Festival and has been traveling around the country for the past few months ~ and will continue to do so until the film’s release in July 2015. “Stay tuned for details, and sign up for our mailing list on our website!”

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