Your Favorite Movies - Anthony Grippa

What are Your Favorite Films?

As PFF 2015 has wrapped up, we encourage you to continue to Find YOUR New Favorite Movie … there are SO many amazing films to choose from and we'll be back in 2016 with plenty more to choose from.


Anthony GrippaWriter/Director Anthony Grippa’s film HALF BROTHER, a PFF 2015 Feature Competition Film, screened at the 2015 Phoenix Film Festival. Anthony was at the festival, and was on hand for post-screening Q&A.


And here, Anthony shares some of his favorite films!


  • Favorite Comedy

SIDEWAYS: Alexander Payne is my favorite director. I love all of his movies, but Sideways is my favorite. Paul Giamatti is heartbreaking, and I just love the subtle blend of humor and pathos throughout this entire film.


  • Favorite Drama

I can't name just one, but anything by the Dardenne Brothers. The stories they tell seem so simple on the surface, but they execute them in such a powerful way that you feel blindsided by how emotionally devastating their work can be.


  • Favorite Documentary

I saw the Roger Ebert documentary LIFE ITSELF a few months ago and I thought it was pretty great.


  • What film were you looking forward to seeing at PFF 2015 (besides your own of course!!)?

I'm looking forward to seeing MANGLEHORN because I'm a big fan of filmmaker David Gordon Green.


  • What is a favorite film that you think most people have never seen, but should? Speaking of David Gordon Green films, ALL THE REAL GIRLS, starring Paul Schneider and Zooey Deschanel is a really great movie that I don't think many people have seen.  It's probably my favorite love story of all time.
  • Do you have a favorite film poster?

THE SQUID AND THE WHALE.  It's also one of my favorite comedies and the poster is great too!The squid and the whale


HALF BROTHER is a story about a family going through a divorce.  It's a personal story that Anthony hopes a lot of other people will be able to connect with. 


Anthony tells us that he is hopeful that Half Brother will be released later this year. After that, he will be shooting a comedy about a band who reunite for a friend's wedding.

– Laurie Smith