Get to Know Your PFF Alumni - Blayne Weaver

As we gear up for PFF 2016, we are asking Phoenix Film Festival alumni to offer their experience with an educational approach. This week we asked Blayne Weaver to share some tidbits with us. You may have seen Blayne in writer/director (and PFF Alum) Paul Osborne’s psychological thriller Favor at the 2013 Phoenix Film Festival.


What projects are you currently working on?

At this moment most of my life is centered around getting Cut To The Chase out into the world. Though the film itself is done, there is still a lot of work for the independent filmmaker: posters, website, the trailer, etc. The job of shepherding your film does eventually slow down, but you're never truly finished.

I've got three future projects at different stages of development: Clip Joint is a crime thriller I wrote with PFF alum Paul Osborne. It's a really exciting and gritty script that I hope to direct next year. Then there is Future Perfect, a noir sci-fi film that I'm producing and starring in for writer/director Soren Bailey. And finally, I'm writing a psychological thriller called Last Fling that I would love to make with the "Chase" team.

What advice do you have for independent filmmakers?

My best advice is to remember to ask advice. The independent film world is a minefield but, luckily, there are tons of talented people who have been through it. A film festival is an ideal place to meet more experienced filmmakers. Ask questions, compare notes, you're not alone--the film-making community is a collaborative one.

What are some rookie mistakes to be avoided?

Most rookie mistakes occur for two reasons: ego or fear. Neither has any place in an artistic environment. Don't be unwilling to accept criticism, other's input or think yourself above the process, but also don't be afraid to stand your ground and fight for your film.

What is your go-to camera and/or favorite piece of equipment?

I defer to my Director Of Photography Rob Senska on this question. To me, the equipment is secondary to an understanding and communication with your D.P. When director and DP are on the same page it can create an almost psychic connection. I love that relationship.

What’s one of your quirks on-set?

I tend to be very enthusiastic on set. Lots of excited yelling and encouragement. I love making movies and I have a blast doing it.

As a filmmaker, what can you not live without?

Diet Coke.


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