Here they are... the posters for the 2017 Phoenix Film Festival

Thanks to the hard work and talents of Phoenix Film Festival Art Director Marty Freetage and Designers Lisa Maria Lara, Alex Patrick Merrill, Amy Borenstein, and Brittney Rislund we are proud to unveil the official posters for the 2017 Phoenix Film Festival!

Pulp Fiction
Designer: Marty Freetage
Photographer: NBMA Photography



Toy Story
Designer: Alex Patrick Merrill

PFF - NXNW.jpg


North By Northwest
Designer: Amy Borenstein
Photographer: NBMA Photography



Say Anything
Designer: Brittney Rislund
Photographer: NBMA Photography

IHSFF - Tron.jpg

International Horror and Sci-Fi Film Festival
Designer: Lisa Maria Lara