The Five - Guilty Pleasure Netflix Movies

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The Five - Guilty Pleasure Netflix Movies

Written by Hannah Ehrlich

Compiled by Okechi Apakama , Amy Cable and Hannah Ehrlich

Most of us use Netflix to binge watch seasons and procrastinate responsibilities, so we thought we’d give you our guilty pleasure recommendations. From thrillers to coming of age movies these ones may not be our favorites but they definitely grab our attention. We hope you find these movies to be a great distraction from the real world. Below our are top five guilty pleasure Netflix original movies rated one to five with one being the most guilty.



5. Tallulah

This movie may not paint millennials in the best light, however it does give a realistic depiction of one unstable one. Tallulah shows us a young women navigating motherhood in the most unlawful way possible. After she steals a baby from an irresponsible mother, we follow her on a goose chase through her own version of motherhood.



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4. Gerald’s Game

If you’re looking to have nightmares for the next month, this is the guilty pleasure for you. A couple attempting to have kinky sex fail miserably when her husband is left dead and she’s left handcuffed. We go on a terrifying journey with the newly widowed wife as she tries to survive while being trapped to a bed with handcuffs.




3. Cam

The intriguing life of a camgirl becomes an unsolved mystery when a lookalike takes over her channel. We follow Alice as she becomes unraveled by her stolen identity. The mystery goes deeper and deeper as her life slowly falls apart.



2. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

The storyline is completely in your hands. You control the life of a teenage programmer as he slowly loses his mind. From what cereal he eats to who he kills, the choices you make determine his fate.


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1.Bird Box

This sensational film has caught everyone's attention. Sandra Bullock takes us through the end of the world with her eyes closed. The fascinating twist on how the world crumbles leaves the audience wondering who will survive and who will open their eyes.