The Five - Impactful Netflix Movies

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The Five - Impactful Netflix Movies

Written by Hannah Ehrlich

Compiled by Okechi Apakama , Amy Cable and Hannah Ehrlich

Scrolling through Netflix original movies we discovered a lot of diversity. Rather than have one list of all around incredible Netflix movies, we decided to give them credit for the most impactful messages we saw throughout. Below is the list of movies that caught are eyes and provided diverse perspectives for all audiences. To see life through a different lense checkout the meaningful films ranked one being most impactful to five.


Tune in tomorrow for more Netflix fun with our look at Netflix Guilty Pleasures.


5. Roma

Taking place during the 1970’s, we develop an understanding of life for one housekeeper in a neighborhood in Mexico City. The diverse perspective through the personal eyes of director Alfonso Cuarón gives the audience a glimpse into another’s life.

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4.  Alex Strangelove

Is the quirky love story the modern age needs. Watching a young high schooler discover his sexuality through trial and error will hit home for any LGBTQ+ individual. His story of self- identity has a unique perspective to knowing oneself that most don’t openly address.  

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3. 6 Balloons

Shows a side to addiction most don’t know of.  A single father in Los Angeles goes on a trip through the city with his sister and daughter to find a detox center.  Throughout the movie we see the highs and lows of an addict as his sister has to choose how to save his life.

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2. Beasts of No Nation

Opens our eyes to civil war in West Africa. The dynamic between a powerful warlord and a desperate orphan grabs your attention. As the young orphan becomes a child soldier the graphic context tears at the audiences emotions.


1. Mudbound

Has an extremely impactful message, taking place during World War 2, it focuses on Laura McAllan raising her children on a Mississippi farm.  We see a different side to prejudice in the South through the perspective of a white Farmer and a black Farmer who have a unique bond because of the war.