The Five - Time Travel Movies

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The Five - Time Travel Films

Written by Cameron Galvin

Compiled by Cameron Galvin, Brionna Raum


Welcome to another edition of the Phoenix Film Festival’s daily Top 5. Today we picked our list of the Top 5 Time Travel Films. This list is a nice mix of comedies and sci-fi classics, ranging from 1985 to 2014. Our team of sci-fi wizards only set one rule; the film had to have some sort of time travel in it. There was a long list of films for us to choose from and unfortunately we had to leave some out. Here are some of the movies that did not crack the Top 5: Groundhog Day, Donnie Darko, Interstellar, and Looper. After much deliberation, we present to you the Top 5.


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5. Hot Tub Time Machine

This movie is definitely one of the funnier ones on the list. A man with his two friends and his nephew travel up to a ski resort, where they used to party as teens to relive the glory days. A malfunctioning hot tub takes them back to 1986, where they must relive an eventful night without altering the future. With funny performances throughout and plenty of 80s nostalgia, the movie leaves you wondering, what would you do if you had a second chance?

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4. Edge of Tomorrow

This film takes the concept of Groundhog Day and turns into a sci-fi thriller, where the military must fight a world dominating alien race. Tom Cruise gets to relive the same day over and over again, the day restarting every time he dies. But as each day is relived, Cruise’s skills become better as he gets closer every new day to defeating the enemy. This film takes a deeper look into having to constantly wake up every day, and know you are going to die again.

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3. The Terminator & Terminator 2

With one having to do with the other, it was too hard not to have both of these films together as one. The original Terminator takes place in 1984 when an android from the future is sent back in time to kill Sarah Connor, whose unborn son will lead humanity in the war against the machines in the future. While a soldier of that war (who is actually the father of the boy) is sent back to save her. Fast forward to years later in Terminator 2, the same cyborg is sent back to now protect the born son (John) of Sarah Connor, from another more advanced cyborg to kill him. These films were so groundbreaking for the time they came out, as they ate looking at the idea that machines might eventually rise up and take over the world.


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2. Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

This cult classic comes in at number 2 and is without a doubt the funniest film on the list. Two airhead teenagers must get an A on their final history presentation in order to stay in school. With time running out, a time machine appears (this time in the form of a phone booth) to help them round up some of history’s most influential figures. Once they get back to present day with their project all ready to go, the figures crash the local mall where they run wild. Bill and Ted pull off their presentation and later find out they needed to pass in order to keep their band The Wild Stallions together, because their music unites the world together in the future. This movie hits the inner child in all of us when it comes to having to pass a class no matter what it takes. Definitely not a deep story, but it will be sure to make you laugh. A Lot.

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1. Back to the Future

At number 1 we think most people can agree with this. Marty McFly, a teen that everyone at some point wanted to be is sent back to 1955 in a time-traveling DeLorean invented by the crazy scientist Doc Brown. There Marty runs into his parents, where he runs the risk of not ever being born because his mom has the hots for him (don’t worry she doesn’t know he’s her son). Marty will stop at nothing to make sure his parents meet at the famous Enchantment of the Sea dance where they share their first kiss. With great music throughout, this movie hits home with the 80s power and even the 50s nostalgia. It’s film that shows us, it’s cooler to stand up to bullies than to be one.