The Five - Non-Disney Animated Movies


Written by Amy Cable

When deciding on the movies for this list we decided to research animated movies from many companies, such as Universal and Dreamworks, we decided that Disney and Pixar deserved their own lists. When choosing the films we looked into how popular the films are, whether they received follow up movies and their overall composition. We grouped movie franchises of the same title and storyline together. However, we agreed that not all of the movies within a movie series was as good as the other ones, but we rated them alongside the rest of the franchise. The honorable mentions for this list are Ice Age (2002-2016), Shark Tale (2004), Happy Feet (2006) and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (2009-2013.


5. Robots (2005)

Robots follows inspirational Rodney Copperbottom (Ewan McGregor) as he fights for cheaper body parts for robots. We believe that Robots deserved a place on this list because it can often be forgotten due to how long ago it premiered. Despite this, it is a fantastic film that makes the audience fall in love with scrap metal robots and root for their cause. Ewan McGregor features along an all star cast, such as the legendary Robin Williams, Halle Berry and Mel Brooks. We would be thrilled to see this movie come out with a sequel some time in the future.


4. Kung Fu Panda (2008-2016)

The Kung Fu Panda franchise has inspired so many young audiences to pursue their dreams, even when other people push you down. The narrative follows Po (Jack Black) as a Panda who longs to perform Kung Fu to save China, alongside Angelina Jolie and Dustin Hoffman. These films taught younger generations world wide about a culture and an art form that they may have not been as exposed to prior to the release of the original film.


3. Madagascar (2005-2012)

The three incredible films in this franchise taught us to look on the positive side of any situation that life throws at you. The Madagascar films follow four zoo animals, who have been in captivity all their lives, in their adventures exploring new environments. This trilogy is another example of how movies can show audience another environment or culture that typically lacks media exposure. The storyline creates tension and challenges, as well as excitement and amusement.


2. Despicable Me (2010-2018)

Within this franchise we are including the minions movie as they have brought joy to all ages and we hope to see more of them. The main narrative follows Gru (Steve Carell) on his evil deeds whilst having his heart melted by three sweet orphan girls. These movies have excellent sound tracks and heartfelt stories, as well as hilarious minion side plots.

1. Shrek (2001-2010)


The Shrek franchise follows Shrek (Mike Myers) in his quest for a peaceful life at his swamp which brings him on many treacherous adventures of love and friendship that he unwillingly is dragged on. We believe that this franchise deserves the top spot on this list for its amazing efforts in attracting a wide audience of all ages. These films continuously fill the dialogue with conspicuous jokes for younger ages, alongside witty puns hidden within the script that only older audience members will understand.