Win Every Trivia Contest About This Year’s Oscars

Quick -- what do Gary Oldman and Jonah Hill share in common? Give up? This year is the first either has been nominated for an Oscar (it’s pretty much a crime that this is Oldman’s first time around).

The Hollywood Reporter has posted their annual list of facts, stats, shockers, and snubs about the Academy Award nominations. The long, long list contains many interesting items like:

The Artist becomes just the fifth predominately or entirely silent film to score a best picture nomination and the first in 83 years…”


Hugo becomes just the fourth film released in 3D to score a best picture nomination…”

And then there are the entries that make you wonder, “Who keeps track of all this stuff?” Regardless, this helpful list should make it easy for you to take the title in any 2012 Oscar Trivia contest:


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