Your Childhood Memories, On The Big Screen

Okay, so we'll give you "GI Joe" and "Transformers." We'll even give you "Clue" (Mrs. Peacock was a man?!). But the recent trend of Hollywood popcorn flicks based on or loosely affiliated with toys and board games may be quickly getting out of hand. The example that comes to mind first: "Real Steel," in which a boy reconnects with his boxing robot trainer father while giant machines duke it out Rocky-style. If you missed it in theatres, don't worry, you can now buy it on Blu-ray or just play a few rounds of Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots with your dear old pappy.

And now, coming straight out of your childhood and into a theater near you: "Battleship." As in "'E-4.' 'You sunk my battleship!'" How do they turn the beloved game into a movie? Aliens. If you don't remember alien invaders in your version of this classic, you're not alone. But who knows, maybe it will end up being pleasantly entertaining. Especially with dialogue like this:

Admiral Shane: "Prepare to fire." Crew member: "Sir, which weapons?" Admiral Shane: "All of them."

But wait, there's more! While Universal did pass on a project to produce a movie based on the spook-tacular sleepover toy, the Ouija Board, another studio, Relativity Media, didn't consider it too much of a "stretch" to give the green light to this little gem:

This revelation leaves us with only one unanswered question: How soon before the lights dim down for the premiere of "Connect Four The Movie?"