Movie Review for About Time

About Time  about_time_xlg

Starring: Domhall Gleeson, Rachel McAdams, Bill Nighy, Lydia Wilson, Lindsay Duncan, Richard Cordery

Directed by: Richard Curtis

Rated: R

Run Time: 123 mins

Genre: Comedy/ Drama/ Sci-Fi

Opens November 1st

By Lisa Minzey of The Reel


Hey Phoenix Film Fans!  From the people that brought the world such films as “Notting Hill“, Love Actually” and “Four Weddings and a Funeral” comes a different type of British Romantic Comedy starring current Romantic Film Queen Bee Rachel McAdams. The film also stars Bill Nighy and Domhall Gleeson. Gleeson may look familiar, but you can’t quite place him?  He was one of the Weesley kids in the last two Harry Potter films, "True Grit" and "Anna Karenina". Can Gleeson holds his own sharing the screen with McAdams or Nighy? Read on to find out.


The men in the Lake family share a wonderful yet burden secret. They can time travel.  Tim Lake found out at the ripe age of 21 from his father (Bill Nighy) after a disastrous New Years Eve party. To test his father’s ludicrous theory, Tim travels back to the start of the party to re-do the evening to work out in his favor. Deciding to use his newfound talent in his favor, one thing Tim wants is a girlfriend.


As Tim grows older, he moves to London to start his life and career as a lawyer. Being a time traveller has its perks in his career as he can manipulate the outcome to work in his favor. One night his wish of a potential girlfriend is granted as he meets the perfect girl at a blackout restaurant blind date, Mary (Rachel McAdams). Tim and Mary hit it off immediately, and as they part for the evening, Tim pulls  faux pas and does his time travel thing to get her back.


Tim knows Mary is the girl for him, so to win her in a non-stalkerish sort of way, he time travels to make the relationship work. As he sets the course for his future, each change that he makes has a ripple effect into other relationships in his life. Can Tim balance his life to make everyone happy or will the time traveling take it’s course where his actions are irreversible?

In one of the more clever romantic dramedies, this story is all about love and how each form of love takes shape in one’s life. The different types of relationships are explored between siblings, friends, a man and woman and lastly,  father and son. Beautifully written, performed and directed; the story is a unique take on time travel, doing without the fancy effects and relying on the viewer’s acceptance. It’s a simple story about love and all of it’s various forms. Just a quick tip: bring extra napkins or kleenex with you into the theater. I dare you not cry in this film as I tried to choke back the tears. Check out “About Time” when it opens in theaters starting Friday November 1, 2013.