Dallas Buyers Club Movie Review

Dallas Buyers Club  DallasBuyersClub-OneSht Web

Starring: Matthew McConaughey, Jared Leto, Jennifer Garner, Denis O’Hare, Steve Zahn, Dallas Roberts

Directed by: Jean-Marc Vallée

Rated: R

Run Time: 117 mins

Genre: Drama

Opens November 8th



By Lisa Minzey of The Reel Critic.com


Hey Phoenix Film Fans! Opening this week is a film that should be up for a few awards this season as it has already racked up a few at this year’s Hollywood Film Festival, the San Sebastian International Film Festival and was nominated at the Gotham Awards.. Based on a true story, “Dallas Buyers Club” stars Matthew McConaughey, Jared Leto and Jennifer Garner. Will this role be McConaughey’s year for an Oscar? Read on to find out.

Back in the 1980’s when the AIDS scare was just picking up steam, there were so many misconceptions about how it was contracted in the public’s mindset that the mere mention of it sent people into a panic. A Texas man, Ron Woodruff Matthew McConaughey), at first glance would be an unlikely candidate for contracting HIV as he was heterosexual. If one would take a closer look at his hard partying, drug use and sexual reckless lifestyle, it comes as no surprise.

When Ron was issued his diagnosis, he was given only 30 days to live. Being the stubborn man he was, Ron refused to listen to his doctor, searching out his own methods and cures for AIDS. Another HIV positive patient Ron met while in the hospital, a transgender woman “Rayon” (Jared Leto), had access to the only drug that was in trials to treat HIV. Their relation started off rocky as Ron was severely homophobic, but was willing to team up with her to get access to the drugs he needed.

When Rayon’s drugs were no longer an option, Ron sought out other methods of obtaining these drugs. This led him down a different path, finding a better, more effective treatment and the establishment of the Dallas Buyers Club. This “Club” was to pay a monthly membership fee, and they get all the free HIV drug “treatments” covered under this membership.

When the Feds caught wind of Ron’s business, they did everything they could to shut him down. The trial drug was making people worse, but Ron’ “club” treatments, people that had HIV was thriving under. Will the shutdown effect Ron’s health or will he be able to overrule the unfair shutdown?

“Dallas Buyers Club” is not an easy film to watch between the dramatic physical transformations of McConaughey and the content of the story. Jared Leto is almost unrecognizable as the transgender Rayon and makes a really pretty woman. Matthew McConaughey's performance is so powerful, so well-done that this is probably his best role to date. This film packs a powerful punch between the story, performances and the visual direction that this will be one to watch for the upcoming awards season. It’s not a matter if this film gets nominated, it will be how many award it will rack up. Be sure to catch “Dallas Buyers Club” when it opens in theaters starting Friday November 8, 2013.